Ads Aren’t Annoying is in the process of rebranding. Please keep up-to-date on our Instagram and Facebook page @adsarentannoying. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate everyone’s patience. Something exciting is in the works and we look forward to share it all to you very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy some […]

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What to expect from ads in 2017

Happy new year to everyone, from Ads Aren’t Annoying! Hope this year will bring lots of joy, success, happiness, and of course…even better ads! In 2016, we saw some great ads and also some terrible ones in all media platforms. However, as the year goes by, we expect advertisements to be better. Some agencies are […]

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7 Reasons why we shouldn’t ignore people flyering (Guerrilla marketing)

Guerrilla marketing is everywhere. They’re on transportations, on walls, people’s hands, at your nearby parks, you’ll never miss it. Even political protests, homeless people holding up a sign, children selling lemonade in the summer time with a call to action poster are considered guerrilla marketing too.  Yes, some may cost more than the other, such as a bus […]

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